Give Your Employees More Power

INHERET provides your most valuable asset the tools they need to protect theirs. With our innovative family history tool, your employees will create their family history diary to arm their loved ones with important health information for generations to come. 

INHERET can identify risk, fast-track treatments, and save time and money.  

There's Power in Family History

Your employees' family health history is theirs and they should own it. They can share it with their family members and healthcare providers as needed.

There's Power in Early Detection

INHERET helps employees take back control of lifesaving insights by collecting, organizing, and storing family health history information in an easy-to-use and secure platform. Through a comprehensive family history, personalized screening programs are created and the employee receives information, reminders and healthy lifestyle information.

There's Power in

Cancer screening and genetic testing guidelines change fast.  Combining insights for both individuals and healthcare providers, INHERET gives your workforce the power of knowing their cancer risk - and then actions to mitigate it.

Why Add This Benefit?

Cancer upends lives, drives up costs, and hits workplaces hard. Empower your team to take control of their cancer risk for disease with tools that prioritize prevention based on their family history. 

In fact, 56% of American are interested in their risk of developing a hereditary disease like cancer. 

Gain insights

Be seen as an innovator in the area of Benefits and gain insights into the impact of the program through quarterly reports

Reduce Risk

A recent INHERET study found that when people are educated on their family history, half reported making proactive changes that reduce their risk for disease (improving diet, exercise, quitting smoking and more)

Control costs

Cancer screening programs can pay for themselves if just one cancer is caught and treated early rather than late - Stage 4 Breast cancer could cost 64% more for treatment, surgery and hospital care compared with a Stage 1 Diagnosis

With INHERET, Employees Can:

  • Enter and track their family health history from home or on the go so that everything gets saved in one place
  • Access expert care navigators who answer questions and provide guidance based on unique risk factors
  • Get up-to-date assessments according to the latest medical guidelines for the right care at the right time
  • Receive reminders annually to update their family health history and obtain revised screening plans considering the most recent guidelines
  • Invite relatives to access, review, and add to their family health history to build a complete profile that informs preventive care for current and future generations
  • Share their family health history with multiple primary care doctors, specialists, and other care team members

Cancer makes up 12% of US employers' total healthcare costs.  In the first year following a cancer diagnosis, annual work hours decreased by up to 5 weeks of lost work time.  Up to 1 in 3 cancer survivors don't go back to work after treatment ends.


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