There is power in knowing.

Clinically validated genetic screening and family health history tracking in one platform. INHERET screens for risk factors associated with all hereditary cancers not just the more common hereditary diseases like breast and colon cancers.  INHERET utilizes, and continuously updates, the most comprehensive set of guidelines, including NCCN Guidelines®, to ensure you don't miss a patient at risk. 

INHERET doesn't stop at year one - we will annually rerun patient records against the most current guidelines and notify if their risk changes to avoid patients being left behind as science advances. 

Uncover Hereditary Risk
and Drive Downstream

Save Time & Screen More Patients

Via text or email, patients receive a link to INHERET's user-friendly screening tool. A pedigree is automatically generated and a family ID is assigned, allowing patients to share with relatives.  Patients and family members are left with a comprehensive risk profile that facilitates cascade counseling and testing.

Increase Patient Engagement

We keep patients engaged and involved in building their own pedigree. 98% of patients found INHERET easy to use and with an 86% completion rate for genetics clinic (compared to 60% using paper forms), which reduced the average submission time to just 72 hours (compared to 4 weeks using paper forms).

Precision Support for Genetics

INHERET makes prior authorization a breeze and provides robust decision support to guide providers of the appropriate genes to consider for testing.  INHERET automatically generates medical necessity documentation (including evidence-based publications) to streamline reimbursement.

One Year.
One Genetic Counselor.
Proven Results.

After conducting 3 pilot studies on over two-thousand patients, we documented a dramatic increase in histories completed from less than 60% before INHERET to 86% using it. We detected the 1 in 5 individuals at increased risk.  At-risk individuals require follow-up imaging, testing, and treatments. In fact, our study analysis showed that one genetic counselor using INHERET was able to counsel an additional 144 patients, many of whom may then receive laboratory and imaging tests, and some may pursue prophylaxis and therapeutic treatments. These services could generate an additional $809,000 in preventive-care billable revenues today while improving patient outcomes and reducing future cancer-care burdens.


Additional High-risk Patients Screened by One Genetic Counselor


Additional Revenue from Preventive Laboratory and Imaging Tests


Additional Annual New Billable Revenue

How Does It Work?

Our team of clinicians developed a screening tool tailored to the provider and patient population. INHERET screens for family history-related risk and easily stores that information and shares it with family members who can help build a complete risk profile - paving the way for cascade testing.

Patient Completes INHERET

Written for 4th-grade literacy, patients easily complete INHERET on their device, at their convenience; allowing more flexibility, improving data accuracy, while saving precious in-clinic time. 

Proprietary Algorithm Analysis

Harnessing the power of NCCN Guidelines® and other best-practice guidelines, patient personal and family health information runs through our proprietary algorithms to identify risk levels.  

Report Generated with Next Steps

Patient health history is summarized in easy-to-read reports, complete with health history summary, pedigree, and clear indications of next-steps recommendations. HL7 and FIHR ready for EHR integration.  

Automatic Detailed Pedigree

Comprehensive pedigrees are provided - with up to 7 generations - in INHERET reports, saving clinics valuable time 

"INHERET helps providers easily identify patients who could benefit from genetic counseling or testing for hereditary cancer syndromes. The personal and family information collected through INHERET helps in accurately triaging patients and eases the case prep process."

-Bailey Hulswit, MS, CGC, Michigan Medicine

INHERET saves precious clinic in-office time, provides a better understanding of the patient health history, utilizes the most current guidelines, supplies tailored educational resources, and helps billable revenue.   


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