Comprehensive Risk Assessment with a Personalized Approach

Evaluating family health histories and offering personalized risk reduction strategies, from low- to high-risk, for everyone. 

Healthcare Providers

INHERET includes the most comprehensive set of guidelines to be sure that all hereditary cancers are being considered for your patients. Learn More


INHERET can identify risk, fast-track treatments, and save time and money. Empower your team to take control of their risk for disease with tools that prioritize prevention based on levels of risk making adherence to prevention strategies more likely.
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Build and maintain your personal and family health history. Share easily with providers and family members when you need to.
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There is power in knowing.

One out of five people are at an increased risk to develop cancer by family history. That’s more than 60 million people in the U.S. And more than 90% of them don’t know it.

With INHERET you'll learn your genetic risk and be empowered to take action 

Built by some of the world's leading experts in oncology, genetics, and pathology, INHERET empowers individuals to identify, understand, and manage their risks of hereditary conditions like colon, breast, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, and other cancers. 

From our family to yours. 

"We started INHERET because it's something that was needed. Here in the United States, 60 million people have a family history that puts them at risk of hereditary cancer—that's about 1 in 5 people. But too often, these cancers aren't found early enough because patients don't get tested. There are so many tragic stories of people in their 20s and 30s who sadly have bad outcomes from a cancer diagnosis that could have been treated early.

‍So we set out to develop a mechanism to collect detailed family health histories, that wouldn't take time from busy providers, and would also link to current best-practice guidelines so that providers could take appropriate next steps. Together, our team worked on a prototype for an online tool that patients could self-complete to map out their family histories, and many years later, here we are."

- David Keren, MD

Our Leadership Team

David F. Keren, MD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sofia Merajver, MD, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Lynn McCain, MHSA, PMP

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Amanda Cook, BA

Co-Founder and VP Product Marketing

Lee Schroeder, MD, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer

Kara Milliron, MS, CGC

Co-Founder and Director of Genetics

Kelly Hall, MBA

VP Business Development
"INHERET helps efficiently identify my patients who are at high risk for having BRCA related conditions and should be offered testing.  If verified, this would inform appropriate interventions that could very well save their lives.  Since these patients often fall through the cracks until they develop cancer (at which time it could be too late), I really appreciate having this tool - especially since it's automated."

-Philip Zazove, MD, Michigan Medicine


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